Nostalgia - Pubs we have lost

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In our grandparent generation Taverns and Inns were, in the main, found in towns and cities although some could be found alongside the major turnpikes. But for us rural folk in search of Ale to quench our thirst after a long hard day in the fields it was quite often found in what was a house belonging to the brewer/and or landlord where the Ale would be served in the front room. A good example of this is The Black Fox Thurston which unfortunately closed in 1991 and is now once again just a private house.

Cyclists from Dagworth & District Gentlemen’s Cycling Society. Photo believed taken on 3rd January 1988C1988 Now private house

My memory of The Black Fox goes back to the 1970s. some of us from Thurston Tennis Club would, after finishing playing tennis in the evening, sometimes adjourn to this pub where the beer was from a jug brought through from the back and served in what was the front room. Our more usual pub haunt at the time, and closer to the tennis courts, was The Victoria (locally knows as The Fly) where landlord Terry would keep us in order until well after closing. In those days The Fly was heaving with customers on most days of the week.

A little know fact about The Black Fox is that it was once home to a NEWS OF THE WORLD INDIVIDUAL DARTS CHAMPION
The "News of the World" tournament began in 1927 and was originally a London competition. It then expanded to become one of the World's biggest darts tournaments. It is said to be one of the hardest competitions to win as the format was best of three legs, the same as played in most pubs around the country. The competition originally ceased to be played in 1990 although it was resurrected for one final season in 1996/7. The Black Fox had its own winner of what was, at the time. the most prestigious prize in darts. He was local lad Trevor Peachey who beat Les Campbell of The Boot Inn, Dinas, Glamorganshire 2-0 in 1955/56

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